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I've been false banned

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IGN: Remotely

How long is the ban: 1 week

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):

Who banned you: Bearly

Why should you be unbanned: I was block glitching, not xraying. I was mining a block and I could see through it for like 1 second due to little bit of lag.
This is not xraying and this is not cheating because I am not using a disapproved mod.

Also, TheDeltaKid said he placed hidden chests to see if I was using xray, he also said he placed them in areas I cannot open them. Now why would I use xray and go to chests that I cannot open.

Also, I am unsure of why I have been kicked from the discord server, I’ve been falsely banned and I get kicked from the discord server too?

Also, due to Bearly and TheDeltaKid’s false accusations I will be late for a loan, costing me 2T extra than what I owe.

Now, I understand that Bearly has been staff for a while now but lately he/she has been messing up, at the DP with the Rag3r Key and now this false accusation.

EDIT: on the 19/11/2018. A staff member edited the rules and added no block glitching just to make sure that I stay banned due to this, a staff member trying to keep me banned just to stop Bearly from embarrassing himself, I will spam this server until the owner of this server agrees to doing what is right.
Posted Nov 18, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 19, 18 by Remotely x
Bearly Owner

Reason: Disrespecting all staff members.
Posted Nov 20, 18
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