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xBacca x
Banned users
Your IGN: FTRCory
IGN of player(s): Moose, DeltaKid, and Muliate
What type of punishable act(s): I had a question for a staff member so I asked a couple staff if they can get in discord so I can explain it as it would take too long to explain it in chat. Moose and Delta ignored me thinking that I was going to waste staff's time, I had a simple question and wasn't taken seriously because of my past. Muliate, on the other hand, would join the discord channel and when I would start to answer my question he'd leave the channel completely. I don't appreciate how I come back on the server trying to change, trying my hardest not to spit one word that is toxic.
Posted Dec 7, 18 · OP
TheDeltaKid Admin
So, you conveniently forgot to add that multiple staff told you many times to just message them your question, instead you spent 10 minutes just repeating "Can staff join discord" and then had a couple people keep asking the question for you. In the past you have asked staff to join discord for a so called important question and ended up just either yelling into your mic or wasting their time entirely. Your so called extremely important question that was too hard and long to type out ended up being "Can I pay money to a friend before prestiging and then get it back after". It was something along the lines of that. The question is quite a simple question as you can't pay anyone before prestiging, that's just the fundamentals. To top things off, your question could have easily been put into words.
Posted Dec 8, 18
Riley6 Admin
Thread locked.
Posted Dec 11, 18
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