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Hello VC Prison Community! As you may know, Christmas is days away! Therefore today’s special event will be a building competition! To enter in this event We wish everyone the best of luck during the competition and of course, Happy Holidays!

-> Make sure your idea is original and can’t and won’t be found on youtube video tutorials, schematics and/or forums of any kind. Build inspiration is allowed from anything that has been previously listed, as long as it isn’t the same build with a few minor details changed.

-> If you copy another build, or yours is too similar to someone else's build, you will be disqualified.

->Schematica (Printer is NOT allowed)

Build/Submission Guidelines
-> Be sure that your build is appropriate and follows all server rules.

-> Multiple players can work on a build but the only person who will receive a prize is the plot owner. If you decide to work on someone else’s plot, make sure that you have proof that they agreed to split the prize (if that is the deal).

-> If you have not agreed to any splitting of the prize it is the plot owners decision to split out the prize awarded to the plot build.

-> Multiple plots/submissions under the same connection will count but only one build per connection can win.
-> All builds must have a winter/holiday theme.

-> Builds can be any size, shape, or form but must follow a Candy theme, Christmas theme or both.

Scoring and Prizes
1st Place - 20 Christmas Keys + 10 Rag3r Keys + Tag of Choice​ + 10,000 Tokens
2nd Place - 15 Christmas Keys + 5 Rag3r Keys + Tag of Choice + 5,000 Tokens
3rd Place - 10 Christmas Keys + 1 Rag3r Key + 1,000 Tokens
4th Place - 5 Christmas Keys​ + 500 Tokens
5th Place - 2 Christmas Keys​ + 100 Tokens

-> All plot builders - Random Rewards (Depends mainly on the build)

Builds will be rated based off of details and general plot themes.

For more information on this event, please contact a staff member.

REMINDER: To enter into this plot competition you must fill this out ->
Posted Dec 17, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 17, 18 by Bearly
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I can't wait for this event! those prizes are super op!
Posted Dec 17, 18
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