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January 2017 Top Voters

By UltimateRag3r Owner - Posted Jan 31, 17

Top Voters

1st place winner received a 50$ Buycraft Coupon (tied)

penguinXD zendovio

2nd place removed due to tie.

3rd place winner received a 10$ Buycraft Coupon


Top Voters, please message one of the following people (/mail Carbonx_09, or UltimateRag3r) or PM one of us on the forums to receive your coupon. You have 1 week to do so or else you won't receive the coupon. You have 1 week to use the coupon before it expires.

We are no longer accepting more than 3 top voters. If you tie with another player, you receive the same place, but the place below you is removed..