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Christmas Update

By JuniorSupreme Owner - Posted Dec 13, 18

Christmas Update


Hello everyone! It is finally time for the highly anticipated Christmas Update!

We recommend you read the whole forums post, so you know what is being added and changed, it’ll keep you in the loop on the additions and implementations.


As the title state, the Christmas Update has been highly wanted. It's been something we wanted to add for a very long time. It includes some cool, and neat features for VCPrison.

Of course, it's important to remember, that there can/might be bugs with everything. So, if something does not work. Make sure to join the vcprison discord, and ask for support in #support.


Let's get started then, shall we?



We're adding a whole new system of tokens to vcprison! Of course your tokens will transfer. Such enchants, like Vision, Haste and Explosion have been reworked so they are better suited to use. However, with this new implementation of a new token system.

  • Previously enchanted pickaxes/swords/bows with PREVIOUS custom enchants will not work. Make sure to contact an admin+ and above for a pickaxe change.


  • If your pickaxe already is leveled up, and you want to enchant it with the new custom enchants, the enchant won’t be shown on your pickaxe. However the enchant would still work, type /iteminfo; /iinfo; to check if your item has these custom enchant(s).


The vcshop has also been highly updated, there is now sections for specific items and sections. There is an area to preview all the enchants, and what they do/what item it is obtainable on. You can also buy much, much, much more items in the vcshop now. Head on over to the misc gui to check out what items you can get, includes items/perks such as the Disco Armor Perk, or Crop Hoppers, etc!


There has also been an addition of several custom enchants on the server. These enchants include the following (Enchant (min-max level) - what the enchant does) :




        Freezing (1-4)  -  Chance to give player Slowness effect.

Lifesteal (1-2) - Take hearts from your player.

        Sticky (1-3) - Spawn a cobweb on your enemy.

        Venom (1-6) - Chance to give Poison effect.


        Blinding (1-6) -  Chance to give player blindness effect.

        Lightning (1-2)  - Make a lightning strike on your opponent.

        Weakened (1-4) - Make your opponent WEAK.

        Wither (1-4) - Chance to give Wither effect.



        Explosion (1-10) -  Explode blocks when you mine.

        Haste (1-4) - Chance to receive Haste effect.

        Key (1-5) - Get Miner V2 keys when mining.

        Luck (1-5)  - Get tokens while mining.

        Swift (1-4) - Chance to receive Speed effect.

        Vision (1) - Chance to receive Night Vision effect.




There has also been an addition of a new Season crate on the server! The Christmas Crate. This crate is very OP and Special, it contains unique and rare items such as masks, X-MAS Pickaxe, etc. The crate will be on the servers donation store, for $9.00 (excluding sale %).



The December Package was also added! This is a package, exclusive to the month December, contains rare items you cannot get otherwise from any other crate/package.




  • Masks; Added into certain crates or packages.
  • Miner V2 Key; Keys only obtainable thru Key Enchant
  • Crop Hopper; Obtainable thru /vcshop - misc.


We hope you all enjoy this update. We'll also post more changelogs on the forums in the future. Stay tuned! Don’t forget to join the discord to check out the server's community and interact with others, etc.

As for the release of the update to everyone else, it is currently LIVE on the server ( There is also a 60% OFF SALE for Christmas, hope you guys enjoy!


  • JuniorSupreme