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Plot Contest #1

UltimateRag3r Owner posted Aug 30, 18

Hey Guys!

We are doing a monthly Plot Contest and the winner will have their plot placed at the center or /warp plots!

You guys are going to comment under this post your /p h (name) (plot #) and I will be choosing 5 of the best ones to decide out of. Then a video will be uploaded on my channel, and YOU GUYS will be able to pick the winner!

Good luck to all!

~ UltimateRag3r

BarcodePlays /p h barcodeplays 2
KvGz good luck to all of you!
ryrymk /p h VanillaVerse

VCPrison Trailer

UltimateRag3r Owner posted Aug 26, 18

VCPrison Relaunch!

UltimateRag3r Owner posted Jul 30, 18

Hey Friends,

Sorry for the downtime of VCPrison! We will be back shortly within a month and we are all excited! The spawn is going to be the same as Season 1 with all the gank holes that were previously in the old spawn as well as some new ones that we have added. If you would like updates on the server please check out our twitter: as well as our discord:

Thank you so much for having patience with us!

~ Ulti